Put it on Lay-Buy powered by Paypal - Lord of the Rings Jewelry

Put it on Lay-Buys is a service provided by the Australian company Lay-Buy Financial Solutions Pty Ltd trading as www.lay-buys.com. For New Zealand customers this is similar the  New Zealand shopping service of Layby's which are covered by the Fair Trading Act.  For management of the Lay-Buy Lay-Buys.com charge the buyer an administration fee of 0.9% of the purchase, that is 90 cents in every NZD$100. In every other aspect the buyer and seller is protected by the conditions of the NZ Fair Trading Act and the Lay-by Sales Act 1971. Lay-Buys is powered by PayPal checkout payment option

  1. Storage and Identification of Lay-Buy Products
    Product’s on Lay-Buy will be set aside and stored separately to other products. Products will be clearly identified as ‘Lay-Buy contract’ products by a number or some other identification. For Items that are custom made such as rings or gold product, manufacture will not commence until payment is made in full.
  2. Cancellation of Lay-Buy by Buyer
    The buyer may cancel their Lay-Buy agreement form at any time prior to the dispatch of products. After the Product has been dispatched the Christies Return Policy shall apply.
  3. Cancellation of Lay-Buy by Seller
    The seller under a Lay-Buy must not cancel it unless – The buyer breaches a term of the Lay-Buy
  4. Cancellation Charge
    Christies shall charge the buyer a cancellation fee equal to the cost of shipping of the item if it is returned after the Lay-Buy has been completed. No other cancellation fee will be applied. After the Lay-Buy has been dispatched any return will be subject to the conditions of Christies Return Policy.
  5. Admin Fee
    Christies shall not charge the customer any interest charges, membership fee or service fee on any Lay-Buy sales transaction. Lay-Buy Financial Solutions Pty Ltd trading as www.lay-buys.com charge an admin fee, which is a once-off 0.9% of the total order value at checkout. The buyer will pay this amount to Lay-Buys at checkout at time of paying the down payment. This fee is an admin fee and is therefore not refundable.
  6. Delivery
    Christies will only dispatch the buyers product/s after receiving the final installment payment for all Lay-Buy deals.