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The Swords - Lord of the Rings Jewelry - Shipped Free - 5 Year Guarantee

The Swords - Lord of the Rings Jewelry - Shipped Free - 5 Year Guarantee

Swords were the main weapons used by all of the armies of Good and Evil in Tolkien's world. In Tolkien Mythology, swords were often famous for who they belonged to or whom they slew. They were also symbols of Kingship and family heirlooms.

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Official Licensed Gloins Axe Pendant

 Gloin carries a powerful long axe (which will later be used by his son Gimli, one of the renow..


Official LOTR Frodos Sting Pendant

Official Lord Of The Rings Frodo’s Sting Pendant. Engraved upon it’s blade and handles w..


Official LOTR Gimlis Axe Pendant

Gimli, son of Glóin, was a well-respected dwarf warrior in Middle-earth&n..


Official The Hobbit Thorin's Sword Necklace

Thorin Oakenshield (TA 2746 - TA 2941) was a dwarf, the son of Thráin II and the grandson of King Th..


The Hobbit Bilbo's Sword Sting Pendant

I shall give you a name... and I shall call you Sting (Bilbo Baggins) The blade was carried by B..


Thorin Oakenshield Sword Orcrist

Orcrist was the weapon of the Dwarf Lord Thorin Oakenshield. Thorin found the magic sword Orcrist du..